About us

The Human eye is a wonderful gift that god has given us to allow us to appreciate the beauty of the world he created and it thus becomes our foremost duty to protet it.

Kailash eye care is the state of the art ophthalmic facility offering quality medical care with infrastructure and services par with international standards to our patients . Efficiency and experience is perfectly amalgamated with care and comfort at our centre. In our conscious effort to achieve excellance we strive to provide you world class eye care at affordable prices.

Kailash Eye Care is a division of Kailash Nursing Home Pvt Ltd , Which is a well established surgical and obstetric centre since 1980 of west Delhi. In its mission to provide world class comprehensive eye care to its patients it has whole spectrum of investigative equipment , a state of the art operation theatre , 5 dedicated indoor beds, 24 hours emergency eye care as well as highly qualified staff of doctors and paramedics.